Veterinary Physiotherapy

Every two weeks we have a visit from Carla, a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist, and her students who are learning canine anatomy. Carla and her students see all the dogs with physical issues and spend time giving treatment, showing staff how to continue treatment between visits and if required will provide treatment for free once the dog has been rehomed.

Veterinary Physio veterinary physio 

veterinary physioPhysical issues can have an impact on behaviour so it is important for us to make sure any physical issues are understood, so we can try to help the dog feel as well as possible. Dogs, like all animals, are really good at compensating and hiding areas of discomfort. A difference in the way they move or even the way their coat stands up can indicate an area of tension. Regular health checks by staff ensure these issues are quickly picked up.

Carla and her students also see dogs without physical issues, and all the dogs really enjoy the one-to-one time spend in the quiet of the education centre getting a massage and lots of attention.