Medical Foster Scheme

For some dogs and cats with a known medical condition, finding a new home can be quite difficult. New owners are often put-off by the potential expense of an ongoing medical condition.

Leicester Animal Aid’s Medical Foster Scheme pays the veterinary costs for dogs and cats that leave the Centre with a known medical condition. Finding a home to call their own is also good for the animal’s psychological well-being which may also help with their physical condition.

How does the scheme work?

George the foster dog

The foster carer will provide food etc for the dog or cat, while LAA continue to pay for ongoing veterinary treatment for their particular condition. Any dogs or cats who are registered onto the Medical Foster Scheme will receive their veterinary treatment via our Tuesday morning Vet Consult.

We are currently helping around 40 dogs and cats to live in homes for life, because of the Medical Foster Scheme. Dogs like George, an American bulldog, with the condition OCD which is a deformity in the joint. 

It costs thousands of pounds every year to look after the dogs and cats on the Medical Foster Scheme. You can help to support the scheme by fundraising for us.

You can view a fun, short animation explaining more about the scheme here.