Medical Foster Scheme

It can be extremely difficult for dogs and cats with a known medical condition to find a new home and sadly these can be the animals most in need.  Potential new owners can be put off by the expense of an ongoing medical condition and the worry of having an animal that has one.

Leicester Animal Aid's Medical Foster Scheme pays the veterinary costs for dogs and cats that leave the Centre with a known medical condition and provides ongoing support and advice.  Finding a home to call their own is good for the animal’s psychological well-being which may also help with their physical condition.

How does the scheme work?

We are currently helping around 45 dogs and cats to live in homes for life, because of the Medical Foster Scheme. The foster carer provides a permanent home for the dog or cat, while LAA continue to pay for ongoing veterinary treatment for their particular condition. Any dogs or cats who are registered onto the Medical Foster Scheme will receive their veterinary treatment via our Tuesday morning Vet Consult.

Adorable Honey is an older cat who was returned to LAA  as she kept urinating in the house. It was discovered she had cystitis which was treated but kept re-occurring which meant, going forward, she would need regular medication and trips to the vets.  Thanks to the Scheme, Honey is now living her best life in her forever home.


Bertie, a miniature poodle, came into the Centre as both of his owners passed away and he had no one to care for him.  He had a number of health issues, the most serious being a grade 5 heart murmur.  He quickly found a new forever family and you can see his journey and how the Scheme supports him in this fun animation.

You can see Bertie's story here. 

Funding the Medical Foster Scheme

It costs thousands of pounds every year to look after the dogs and cats on the Medical Foster Scheme. We don't receive any government funding and rely on the generosity of our local community to help support these animals. 

  • £5.00 could fund a day's treatment for a dog with arthritis or joint pain
  • £15 could pay for a week's worth of treatment for a dog with a skin allergy
  • £4.60 could buy medication for one day for a dog with arthritis/joint pain
  • £15 could buy a week's worth of treatment for a dog with a skin allergy
  • £32 (cat) or £35 (dog) could pay for a check-up and essential vaccinations
  • £60 could buy hypoallergenic dog food to last a sensitive dog up to 3 months 

You can make a donation directly to the Community Pet Support Scheme online via our Just Giving Campaign page