Dog Training

Finding the right kind of trainer or class can make learning a lot of fun!

All dogs will benefit from knowing basic training commands such as sit, stay, leave it and to come back to you when called. Knowing these commands, along with how to walk nicely on a lead, will help you and your dog to enjoy your time out and about together.

If this is your first time owning a dog, if it has been sometime since you have owned a dog or if you need help with more than ‘the basics’ you may wish to look for a trainer or training class to give you the skills to train your dog further. 

There are many people who call themselves trainers and behaviourists, but some use outdated, harsh methods and training aids which could inflict pain or discomfort, cause anxiety and distress and may exacerbate the original issue or create new ones. You can find out more about why you should avoid trainers who use aversive methods.

At Leicester Animal Aid we only use reward based training, and recommend that you look for a certified trainer who uses positive reinforcement in their training. We are always happy to offer advice on training and behavioural issues – all you need to do is call! We are also happy to pass on details of trainers and clubs we have worked with.

Don’t let little issues build up until they become too much for you!