Meet your match Wednesday - Dog dating!

Wednesdays's at LAA are extra special, where we bring your potential dog matches to meet you! 

The kennels are "staff only" on a Wednesday, which gives our more nervous dogs a day off from viewing and gives them a chance to spend time taking part in some training or relaxing. We will bring potential matches to meet you in one of our play or enrichment areas.  


Many of our supporters may already be familiar with ‘Meet your Match’ Wednesday. It is an approach Leicester Animal Aid took a few years ago to find homes for dogs that have been lost, abandoned, unwanted or whose owners could no longer care for them. 

The Centre offers a unique and personal service to help potential dog owners find their perfect match. By taking the time to find out what is really important to a potential new owner and using our detailed knowledge of the dogs in our care to suggest who would make a perfect match.

On a Wednesday we would bring the dog up to meet its potential new owner within our educational centre or play paddock where all can feel relaxed. This benefits the dog and allows their true character to shine through. Dogs can be overshadowed by the kennel environment and it is common for people to overlook a dog when it is barking or shy.

Making the kennels ‘staff only’ on a Wednesday allows greater opportunities for staff to spend time on training and those dogs who are stressed by seeing lots of visitors will have a more relaxing day out in the play areas.

Lovely Alfonso (Fonzie) was rehomed by Mr & Mrs Morse who found Meet Your Match Wednesday 'an excellent idea!'.'Fonzie was very stressed in a kennel environment but a completely different dog one to one in a quieter room or out in a paddock.'

The Centre is open as usual from 10am-2.30pm on a Wednesday to visitors wishing to make purchases from the Shop and Reception. Please see our Centre opening hours page for further details.