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You don't have to have adopted one of our animals to benefit from our advice

During opening hours we’re happy to take calls on any aspect of cat and dog care. Our busiest times tend to be mornings, so mid-afternoon is a great time to chat. Please call us on 01455 888257. Or, if you prefer, email us at

The most common queries we receive are ones about pet behaviour. So, whatever behaviour your cat or dog is displaying, it's highly likely that we've come across it before. While we can't offer medical advice (we would always recommend speaking to a Vet for that) we're happy to chat through anything else cat or dog-related.     

Alternatively, our website has a great Pet Advice section which has lots of useful information from how to keep your pets cool in summer to how to help them overcome a fear of fireworks.

Signing up for our free LAA Newsletter here is a great way to stay abreast of developments in pet care. It’s jam-packed with hints and tips on animal care, stories about animals finding their forever homes and all the latest news from LAA. It’s a great read, even if we say so ourselves!