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How long does it take to rehome a dog?

We appreciate that you may fall in love with a dog and want to take it home straight away, but to make sure both you and the dog have a lifetime of happiness, we need to make sure you are the right match for each other.

By match, we work with you to find the dog that is right for your activity level, any other animals in the home, the time you spend at home, experience with dogs or a particular breed of dog, size of dog, what they are like to walk, your patience with dogs who may take longer to settle or require training and whether or not you have children at home or visiting children. 

Think of it like dating! We just want to make sure that our dogs find the right homes for them and that you are happy and comfortable with the dog you adopt. We want to avoid dogs being returned where at all possible. 

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  • The longest part of the process is finding a dog that is the right match for you and that you are the right match for him or her . 
  •  Once you have been matched with a dog, all the meetings have gone well and when we've discussed terms and conditions for rehoming, the dog will be reserved to you we aim to get them home with you in about a week. Of course, this depends on age of the dog and any ongoing medical treatment they may be receiving or need. 
  • If a dog is in a foster home for rehabilitation in a home environment  (usually because are very young, elderly, because they find the Centre stressful or they have received very little socialisation) the process will take longer. 
  • If you are moving house, changing jobs or going on holiday within two months we ask that you come back after this time to look for a dog. This way both you and the dog will be more settled and relaxed. Most boarding kennels will not accept a rescue dog for 6-8 weeks after homing because of the increased risk of kennel cough.
  • No-one is able to walk into the Centre and take home a dog the same day. 

Why does the process take so long?

  • We want to make sure you go home with the right dog for you and sometimes  dogs end up in rescue because people buy dogs on impulse without learning about the breed or its needs. A previously working greyhound won't be a good choice if you have lots of small pets, a shy nervous or reactive dog might not be right if you want to walk on a busy park. 
  • We have individually assessed all of our dogs for behaviour, health, walking and how they interact with other people and animals (dogs, cats and chickens). 
  • It's a short time to wait for a lifetime of happiness, love and companionship for you and your new friend.