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Significant philanthropic donations help us to prepare for the future, to create and upgrade facilities, and to ensure that we can continue to give the highest quality care to our residents. 

Shirley and BrodieWe asked philanthropist Shirley Grant, to share her experiences of making a donation to the Centre and how she feels her contribution has made a difference.

Shirley has been involved with LAA for the past ten years, initially volunteering in the Charity Shop and then working with Keely, LAA’s General Manager to find out how she could best help our animals with a donation, which led to the creation of Grant’s Inn.

"I always like to support local charities first wherever I can and LAA were extremely supportive in helping me choose what I wanted my donation to represent. Over the years I have got to know a lot of the staff, who are so dedicated to their work, and it’s rewarding to see them so happy and enthusiastic, that is what makes LAA so special."

Grant's Inn PodsOfficially opened by Shirley in 2015, Grant’s Inn is our state of the art kennels and where all on-site canine veterinary consultations take place. This significant contribution meant that we were able to create a purpose-built space for dogs arriving at the Centre.  

Grant’s Inn provides calm and quiet pods for new arrivals, easy to clean space to care for those that are unwell, and a space for veterinary and behavioural assessments. From a central kitchen hub, staff can monitor the well-being of those within their pods, whilst caring for and building trust with dogs on an individual basis. It is an incredibly beneficial space which would not have been possible without Shirley’s support. It is a model that we would like to extend to all of our public rehoming kennels.

Opening Grant's Inn“I feel extremely happy knowing that my donation has made such a difference. Advice and guidance were given to me every step of the way by Keely, and I cannot thank her enough for her help. My advice to someone considering supporting LAA is to visit the premises, observe and see how the staff are so dedicated and driven by the fact that all the animals need love, care and special attention and not one goes without.”

If you would like more information about how you can help our dogs and cats with a donation, please contact our Philanthropy Manager, Izzy Tutcher, on 01455 888257 or email