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LAA is now on TikTok

You can now follow Leicester Animal Aid on TikTok!

We are very excited to have set up a TikTok account and aim to be sharing videos regularly about the Centre. The stars of the videos will of course be our animals, but it is a chance for you to get a behind the scenes look where you will find out more about our work as well as meet some of our amazing team members and volunteers.

See what our dogs get up to during their exercise sessions in our Activity Field, and the cats playing in their chill out room. With over 400 cats and dogs being re-homed by us every year, and each having their own unique personality we feel there will be lots of nice moments to capture and share with our followers. We will also be adding videos over the coming months that provide useful tips and advice on caring for pets, so whether you are already a cat or dog owner or plan to adopt one soon we hope that the videos will come in handy.

So, if you would like to follow us over on TikTok and not only meet our animals but to have a glimpse into life at the Centre then please look us up TikTok/LeicesterAnimalAid