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LAA spring 2022 raffle tickets now available online!

To complement the raffle tickets that we usually send out through the post with each newsletter, we're now offering supporters the chance to purchase tickets online. 

You can purchase a ticket for the online raffle through the button below which will take you to a secure page. From there, please just click 'Buy raffle tickets'. Tickets are 50p and you can buy as many as you wish. You'll also be helping dogs like Ted! (pictured below). 

Buy tickets here

The online raffle is not a replacement for the traditional paper raffle that we all know and love. It's just a chance to include new supporters, and those who prefer the online version of the newsletter popping into their inbox, rather than the paper one dropping through their letterbox. If you've been kindly playing our raffle and selling a few tickets to friends and family, please don't stop! 

When you purchase a raffle ticket online, via our safe payment platform, your name is just added into 'the hat' with all other paper tickets. Everyone has the same chance of winning, whether it's through traditional tickets or online ones. It's the same raffle, just with another payment option, that's all.    

You can find out more about our raffles and lotteries, including the odds, the profits and when it's usually drawn, here.   

Good luck!