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New Homes needed for Collection Boxes!

Could you help our cats and dogs by taking a collection box? 

With folks not visiting shops, cafes and pubs as much in the last couple of years, the blue donation tins that kind local businesses have on their countertops for us have suffered a real hit. 

Could you help by having a collection tin on the counter of your shop, the bar of your pub or somewhere your customers are likely to see it? It's a great conversation starter!  

Similarly, the small pile of coppers by your bed, rattling around in your handbag or gathering dust on your mantelpiece could make all the difference, when popped into a home collection box, to the animals in our care. For example, £5 could pay for a microchip, £10 could pay for flea and worm treatments and £20 could provide a cosy bed for a dog or cat to rest and recover in. 

When it’s time for the box or tin to be emptied, folks just usually either pop to the Centre to replace their tin or box with a new one or send a cheque.  We even have some posters with QR codes on, these days. So, if you or your customers don't tend to carry cash, they can donate from their phones in a couple of clicks. 

Tins and boxes are available in our Reception. Or, why not give us a shout and we will send you one through the post or drop it over to your business? Please ring 01455 888257 or email