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Canine Foundations - brand new workshops

With the recent upsurge in dog ownership, we thought it would be a great idea to put on some fun, informative workshops for those who may be less experienced with dog ownership. The idea is to share with participants some tips about dog behaviour, explore etiquette around pet ownership and pass on some knowledge about how to get the most out of your relationship with your new best friend. 

The workshops, which will be delivered over two consecutive Sunday afternoons, Sunday, August 8 and Sunday August 15, will give you:

  • Basic dog behaviour knowledge to help you understand your dog and how he/she may be feeling (including body language, calming signals, trigger stacking and canine emotions.)
  • Dog etiquette to keep you both safe.
  • Calming activities and techniques for your dog.
  • Tips on where to look for help and support.

You will also receive a goodie bag with accessories for new dog owners and a copy of Sue Williamson's book - Taking the Grrr out of Grooming your Dog.

About the trainer 

Sue Williamson is a local dog expert and author of the book Taking the GRR out of Grooming your Dog. In her 'day job,' Sue works as a dog groomer, specialising in dogs that find grooming difficult or threatening. However, Sue is also an expert in T-Touch (a method of improving dogs' physical and emotional wellbeing through touch) and a Member of the Pet Professional Network. Sue is qualified to deliver sessions for children who are wary of dogs and is an Associate Member of the International Companion Animal Network. She has years of experience working with dogs and is holds a qualification in Canine Behaviour from the International School for Canine Behaviour.    

How to book

You can book a place on the workshops through the link below. There is one price for the workshops which will be delivered over two Sundays, so please check that you are free to attend both sessions. The two sessions will be different. The workshops are for humans, so please leave your furry friend at home. They will be delivered here at Leicester Animal Aid. Parking, toilet facilities and a welcome pack will be provided. 

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