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Remember your pets in the hot weather!

With temperatures outside soaring, it's important not to forget how the heat may affect your pets. Generally, summer weather tends to be more of a risk to dogs than cats as cats can be more intuitive when it comes to finding great corners to cool off. But, with the current heatwave, please give some thought to how the sun can affect all animals. Here at LAA, we take steps to protect our animals in the summer and we thought it would be helpful to share a few. This way, you and your furry friend can stay in tip-top form as the mercury rises. 

1. Make sure that your pet has somewhere to cool off in the shade. A wet towel in their kennel/sleeping area, or placed in a shady area outside during the day, is useful and cheap. Keep your pets' sleeping area well-ventilated during the day and throughout the night. 

2. Keep an eye on your pet and consider just how hot outside spaces such as patios and pavements can become. Here at LAA, we no only let our dogs cool down by lying on wet towels, we also use them to help the dogs get about (see below). Paws can be scorched when it's really hot out. While it's not practical to cover your usual pavement route with cold towels, it's better to take your dog our earlier or later when things have cooled down. 

3. If you're out and about, there are also many products available to help dogs stay cool including portable vests and mats. If you don't have anything like this, that old towel will do just fine. You can wet it from a bottle and, even better, you could keep the water in the fridge or freezer to get it icy cold before you set off. As usual, take water for your dog to drink and bear in mind that you may need to take more than usual.    

4. When temperatures rise, so can the smell. You may want to get the hosepipe out and step up your cleaning routine. At LAA, regular hosing also helps to keep our kennel floors nice and cool. 

5. Speaking of hosepipes and the like ... have a paddling pool or at least a big tub of water at the ready. Your pet can dip their paws or submerge themselves to prevent overheating. Also, paddling with dogs or letting them play in the sprinkler or with the hosepipe is just about the best fun you can have with your four-legged friend! 

6. Bear in mind that your pet will drink more, sometimes much more, in the heat, so it's important to keep an eye on that water bowl. Dogs, in particular, may lose their appetite so please keep an eye on what they're eating.

7. A bandanna soaked in cold water (then squeezed out) will help your dog to stay cool and look good at the same time.   

8. Ice cubes (sometimes with treats frozen inside!) can be a fun way for your pet to stay cool. Why not try freezing some broccoli or carrot sticks for your pet?    

9. Never, ever leave your pet in the car (even with the window open.) It sounds obvious, but it happens.

Do you have some top tips that you would like to share with other pet owners? Feel free to email us at  and remember, stay cool in the heat! 

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