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Learning to Love Again - Rainbow's Story

Reggie and Rainbow couldn’t be more different – one is a 16-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback and the other a little kitten born with no eyes.  One thing they do have in common is they’ve learnt to LOVE again. 

Rainbow’s story

When a local Vets practice got in touch to ask if we could take in an eight-week old stray kitten, we just couldn’t refuse.

This little bundle of fluff was extremely nervous, had ear mites and no visible eyes.  We named her Rainbow, which has come to be known as a symbol of hope in these uncertain times.  An ultrasound to determine whether anything was present in the eye showed there were no ocular globes, which could have been a birth deformity, possible from her Mum suffering from cat flu.

Despite not having one of her key senses, she adapted brilliantly.  The Cattery staff were amazed at how she would map out where she was in her pen by using her paw and feeling around the sides of scratch posts and shelves.  Not being able to see didn’t stop her from climbing and exploring!  She loved being in our specially designed ‘Chill-out’ room where she loved to go on the giant cat wheel.

When someone entered her pen, she would lift her head in the air like a little satellite trying to pinpoint where they were.  Staff would constantly talk to her to reassure her and although Rainbow was still nervous, she enjoyed having fuss, especially around her ears, and would purr away. 

Thanks to endless TLC, Rainbow has thrived and has just embarked on the next chapter of her life in her forever home!  She needed a very special, understanding home and we’re so happy she’s found it and will get the love and care she deserves.

Without the support from our friends, supporters and local community we couldn’t do the work we do which enables us to rescue cats like Rainbow.   

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