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June is the month of Greyhounds!

Here at LAA, we're thinking of renaming June  'month of the greyhound' as recently, we have had 5 of these lovely dogs come to stay. But do members of this graceful and powerful breed live up to their reputation as gentle giants, or are they as high-maintenance as any other pampered pooch?  We discuss some of the facts and myths around sharing life with one of the fastest dogs.     


One typical myth concerning greyhounds is that they need a lot of exercise: This is FALSE! We'll let you into a secret ... most greyhounds are couch potatoes. Although these handsome lads and lasses do like their walks, they typically require no more exercise than your average dog. In fact,  most greyhound owners will state they tend to have two speeds – plodding and all-out sprint.  

Prey Drive

Greyhounds love their home comforts, but they also love to chase. It is their natural instinct to chase during play with other dogs, but they also have an extremely high prey drive, meaning that any small furries or toy breeds could be viewed by them as prey. Once they spot a target to chase, they quite often become fixated on this target and will not stop chasing until they have caught it. For this reason, it is important that greyhounds are always kept securely on lead and muzzled, unless in a secure, private area.


Despite their high prey drive, greyhounds tend to be very sociable with both people and other, similar sized dogs. With these dogs, the phrase 'birds of a feather, flock together,' springs to mind as they often gravitate towards each other and usually enjoy having another sight-hound friend to walk with or spend time with.

Greyhounds are also sensitive souls. They enjoy routine and hate spending time alone. They can make fantastic pets for first-time dog owners as they tend to be very loyal. Providing their owners understand their innate prey drive, and manage it appropriately, greyhounds can be very easy to keep happy. All they need is company, a warm sofa, lots of yummy food, and plenty of cuddles and games to keep their brains active. They are intelligent animals and that need a bit of mental stimulation from toys and games. This can make them quite an adaptable breed.

Some dog owners may view Greyhounds as lacking in emotion. We have found this to be untrue. Of course every dog is different, but once a greyhound is comfortable and is settled with people it loves, they can be quite cheeky, funny individuals. Hopefully you will have noticed this from some of the videos we have been sharing lately. 

So, if you have time for a loving, loveable pet, as long as you don't share your home with cats or other furry animals, we would say that a greyhound could be a great choice! You can find out more about our greyhounds here, and as ever, if you think that you could offer a loving home to one of our animals, please complete an 'interested parties' form here.