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LAA Pawsome Productions proudly present...

We have come up with a unique way of keeping staff, animals and supporters happy during lockdown.  Re-telling classic nursery rhymes in a very different way!

The first of LAA’s pawsome productions to be released was ‘Old Mother Hubbard’ with our two lovely lurchers, Wilbur and Lucy, in the starring roles.  Thankfully, thanks to kind supporters the cupboards are not bare yet!  There was also ‘One Little Pig’ which saw Husky, Roxy, take on the role of the wolf but she was more interested in playing in the little house in the adventure playground rather than blowing it down!   

Keeping our animals happy, healthy and engaged is our priority.  Due to the current situation we’ve not been able to have our volunteers, including pet sitters and dog walkers, on site so our residents haven’t seen as many people they usually do.    

Our films provided a unique and different way of engaging with our animals, who all loved the fuss and attention and seeing their ‘kennel mums’ dressed up in costumes.   All the actors both two and four-legged had great fun They were extremely professional and only needed one take! It was also a great way of us saying thank you to our supporters by making them smile.

All the films, which also include Goldilocks and the one Husky (Miska) and Little Bo Peep looking for her ‘sheep’ (Toby and Maisy), have been posted on Leicester Animal Aid’s social media.

Whilst there has been a happy ending for most of the stars featured in the films, Wilbur and Lucy are still looking for a furever home.  You can find out all about them here

Watch here