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Over six decades of caring

We'll start with the number 1 - Leicester Animal Aid was founded by one remarkable woman, Dorothea Farndon.  As a child she had always been passionate about animals and had helped her mother look after a stray dog from a German submarine.  In the 1950s she began rescuing stray dogs and cats and after her home and that of her friends and families were full of dogs and cats she managed to acquire some land. The rest you can say is history! 

You can read the full story here

Here is a quick snapshot of our history in numbers!

  • 64 the number of years we've been operating
  • 47 cats lived in chalets in Dorothea's garden in 1962
  • 50 we've been at our site in Huncote an amazing 50 years
  • 2 donkeys, Jubilee and Pippin, lived on site in the 1980s
  • 7 days given to quit our Thurmaston Lane kennels in 1970