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Everything you need to know about how we're operating

Due to the current Coronavirus situation and to ensure the health and safety of our visitors, supporters, staff and volunteers, we have had to adapt the way in which we can operate for the remainder of 2020.

Rescue and rehoming

We are able to accept new animals into our care that have been offered a rescue space either by arranging to collect them (if possible) or by appointment only for them to be transported to us.  If you need to rehome your cat or dog, please either telephone the Centre on 01455 888257 or email on info@leicesteranimalaid.org.uk

We are able to rehome animals in our care once mutual compatability has been agreed by both LAA and a new owner/family.  We can arrange for a new owner/family to meet their potential new dog at their own home (where possible) or by appointment-only to meet at our Centre.  All meets with our cats are by appointment only at our Centre. We ask you politely to please wear a face mask if you have an appointment. If you are interested in one of our cats or dogs that are promoted on our website or facebook, please visit our website:  leicesteranimalaid.org.uk and complete an Interested Parties Form or alternatively telephone our Centre on 01455 888257.  

Our staff have appropriate PPE equipment and will maintain effective social distancing. 


Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate visitors who wish to walk around our centre and view all dogs and cats.  Our kennels and cattery can only be accessed by our staff and volunteers. 

Charity shops

Due to the Leicester lockdown our shop at 50D Blaby Road, South Wigston will be closed from Tuesday 30th June. It will reopen on Friday 24th July.   

Our on-site charity shop is open from Wednesday 17th June and will be open from 10am until 2pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and from 11am until 2pm each Thursday. Mandatory face masks should be worn in all shops in England by all visitors from 24th July. 

Main reception and retail sales

Our main reception will remain closed to general visitors with the exception of sales of cat and dog related product such as food, toys, leads/harnesses and to accept money collection boxes/tins and other monetary donations. Masks must be worn from 24th July.  

Donated goods

We cannot currently accept donated goods for our charity shops due to lack of storage but we can accept donations of dog and cat related product such as cat litter, beds, toys and food. 

We can also accept essential products such as bleach, washing powder, heavy duty bin liners, sterilising fluid/tablets and anti bacterial hand wash.

Thank you very much for your continued co-operation and support.