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The perfect match

Scrolling through the dogs for re-homing section on LAA’s website in September 2018, Bev Wright’s heart melted when she came across a little white English Bull Terrier cross. As she owned an elderly dog, she put one-year-old Snowy to the back of her mind.  Some weeks later, after her beloved Shar-Pei had sadly passed away, Bev’s thoughts turned back to the little white bundle, with a black patch over her eye, she had seen online.  She thought that if she was still available then it was meant to be!

Arriving at the Centre Bev, and husband, Bill, spotted her coming back from a walk and instantly fell in love.  The adoption process began and after a further meeting and home visit, Iris as she was now called, went home to start a fresh chapter in her life with her new family.

Everyone worked together to help Iris overcome her fear of men and to support her through a phantom pregnancy and manage a skin allergy.  She was very active and loving life, when in June 2019, she started to limp.  After trips to the vets and a referral to a specialist a CAT scan showed up a bone that had grown into her elbow that required surgery.  Months of physiotherapy and convalescing helped Iris to get back to full health and she was also well enough to have her spay.  We’re so pleased to hear from Bev that she’s again running and leaping like a gazelle!  We know that she means the world to Bev and Bill.