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'Meet your Match Wednesdays'

Leicester Animal Aid are taking a new approach to finding homes for lost, lonely and unloved dogs on their special ‘Meet your Match Wednesdays'.

From Wednesday 18th December (and every Wednesday thereafter) the Centre will offer a unique and personal service to help potential dog owners find their perfect match. General Manager, Keely Short, explains how the initiative will work:

‘We’ll take time to find out what is really important to the potential new owner and use our detailed knowledge of the dogs in our care to suggest who would make a good match. We’ll bring the dog (or dogs) to meet the potential new owner in one of our play paddocks or education centre so everyone feels relaxed for that all important ‘first date’! Sometimes people have a very fixed idea of what they want, based a lot of the time on the look of the dog or perceptions about certain breeds rather than the dog’s individual characteristics. Often the best matches can be a delightful surprise.’

Sully hoping to meet his matchMeet your Match Wednesdays have an added benefit for the well-being of the dogs at Leicester Animal Aid. As the kennel accommodation and play areas will be ‘staff-only’ on Wednesdays it will allow greater opportunities for staff to spend time on training, and those dogs who are stressed by seeing lots of visitors will be able to have a more relaxing day out in the play areas.

Kennels & Cattery Manager, Linda Carleton, said ‘Dogs in kennels may not show their true characters if they are worried by their environment. Unfortunately this means that shy, nervous or barking dogs may get over-looked as people think that’s what they would be like to own. By introducing dogs and potential owners outside of the kennel environment, everyone will feel more relaxed and able to ‘be themselves’.’

The Centre is looking forward to meeting potential dog owners who are interested in experiencing this new way of rehoming. There’s no need to make an appointment on Meet your Match Wednesdays, just bring an open mind and LAA will do the rest!

The Centre will still be open from 10am – 2.30pm to visitors wishing to make purchases from the Charity Shop, Reception and to visit the Cattery (Cattery opening times are 11am – 2.30pm).