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Feeding Brighter Futures

Fantastic news! We have been awarded funding for two exciting new projects thanks to Pedigree and Whiskas Feeding Brighter Futures Fund at the Association of Dog and Cats Homes Annual Conference

We have been given £2,129 for a new Indoor Dog Playground providing mental and physical stimulation to our residents in our new training barn.

Pedigree feeding brighter futures

The equipment will include a range of textures, balance equipment, tunnels and hiding places. It will be ideal for training games, such as scent tracking, and will help to build muscle and improve balance skills. It will also help with building confidence for those who may not have been walked prior to arrival or have come straight from the racing track, like Greyhounds Trotter and Del Boy featured in our photos.

We have also been awarded £1,275 to renovate our Cat Sanctuary outdoor areas and turn them into replica gardens, full of plants and climbing equipment. This will be fantastic for those that are used to exploring gardens and also for those who will be taking their first steps into the great outdoors!

Whiskas Feeding Brighter Futures

This wouldn't have been possible without the support of Feeding Brighter Futures and thank you to Pedigree UK (www.pedigree.co.uk) and Whiskas UK (www.whiskas.co.uk).

To learn more about the enrichment we provide to our residents during their stay at the Centre visit www.leicesteranimalaid.org.uk/enrichment