Who will care for your pet when you’ve gone?

Many people worry about what would happen if they were to die before their dog or cat. Leicester Animal  Aid can help ease that worry. Our Pet SOS Scheme is completely free and will give you peace of mind that we will look after your dog or cat if you pass away before they do.

What would happen if your pet came to LAA 

If you are a Pet SOS card holder, we will take your dog or cat into our care where they will be checked by our vet and cared for by our experienced team. We will look for new owners for your pet who have the lifestyle and experience to meet your pet’s needs.

How to apply

If you decide to join our Pet SOS Scheme you will be issued with a handy wallet-sized card, similar to an organ donor card, which notifies people of your wishes for your pets, should anything happen to you. All you need to do is complete a registration form with each of your dog(s) and/or cat(s) details and return it to us. We will then issue your card to you.

Let people know about your wishes

We recommend that you mention the care of your pets in your Will, so there can be no confusion about your wishes. We suggest the following wording: ‘It is my wish that Leicester Animal Aid care for and rehome any dogs and cats that I may own at the time of my death.’

Help more dogs and cats to have a happier future...

Many people who join the Pet SOS Scheme also decide to leave us a gift in their Will, as a way of saying thank you for securing the future of their pet. Legacies are essential to Leicester Animal Aid as they       account for around half of our income and help save the lives of hundreds of dogs and cats each year.