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Leaving a legacy

Leicester Animal Aid was founded by Dorothea Farndon in 1956 and has continued to grow and help hundreds of animals due to the vision and generosity of our founding supporters.

Many kind individuals choose to make a donation in their Will, in memory of a human or animal family member or wish to ensure that their animal companions will have a home after they pass away. 

Half of our charitable income each year is through the kindness and generosity of those that choose to make a donation to support the care of our dogs and cats in their Will. We work closely with solicitors and families to fulfil our supporters wishes and you can contact us at info@leicesteranimalaid.org.uk or call 01455 888257.

How are donations used?

Legacy donations have been used in a variety of ways at LAA, but often legacies allow us to make changes to the fabric of our Centre that otherwise we could not afford. For example, in 2015 is we received notification that a local couple, Mr John and Mrs Dorothy Warren, had left a percentage of their estate to Leicester Animal Aid. We learnt from John and Dorothy’s family that they were cat lovers, and we were able to match a project with their wishes. Their contribution meant that we were able to build an extension to our Cattery, creating two new enrichment chill-out rooms, which were completed in summer 2017.

The two new purpose-built spaces replicate a living room, with lots of extra features for cats to explore and enjoy. They include bespoke climbing shelves and bridges, cat trees made from actual trees, a cat wheel which the kittens love, enrichment toys, window seats to watch the world go by, and a sofa to cuddle up with our Volunteer Pet Sitters.


Stuart Pemberton, cousin to John and Executor of the estate, told us:

“I’m absolutely delighted with what you’re doing and especially how I’ve been kept up-to-date with how the donation was being used. We’ve been to visit the rooms twice now, and Dorothy and John would have been so pleased. They adored cats and there were always three or four rescue cats in their home. You do a superb job and the family are delighted with how the donation has been used. We hope to visit with more of the family again soon” 

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