Types of legacy and suggested wording

There are four main types of legacy you can leave:

  • A residuary legacy is the remainder of the estate once other gifts and payments have been made. This type of gift is popular with our supporters because it remains proportional to the value of your estate.
  • A pecuniary legacy is a fixed sum of money. The value of pecuniary legacies could decrease over time, as the cost of living increases.
  • A specific legacy is a specific named item, for example a piece of jewellery or property.
  • A residuary legacy after a partner dies allows you to leave assets for the care of a loved one for the duration of their life. When they die, your legacy will then go to your chosen recipient.

Suggested wording for a legacy

 "I give all (or a _% share of) the residue of my estate to Leicester Animal Aid (Registered Charity Number 242560), Elmwood Farm, Forest Road, Huncote, Leicester LE9 3LE, for its general charitable purposes and I direct that the receipt of a duly authorised officer shall be a valid and appropriate form of discharge."