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Talks, Tours & Stalls



We are regularly invited to give talks to local community groups to explain more about our history, the work that we do, stories of the animals that have been helped or are currently in our care and we do try to bring a dog with us too (where appropriate!)

Over the past year, we have been to local church groups, community groups, cub groups, universities and more! 


We can also provide you and your group with a guided tour of the Centre, including an introductory talk about our work. 

For adult groups, we usually ask for a donation of £30-40 towards our work. For children's groups, we can provide a range of talks or activities. 

Please contact at for more information or call 01455 888257.


We really appreciate the opportunity to have stalls at local events or within local stores and supermarkets. 

If you are interested in arranging a talk, tour or would like to invite us to have a stall, please get in touch with our Fundraising Team on 01455 888257 or by email to