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Dote on me Doug

Male - 1 year old - Golden Retriever

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About Doug

  • Loves cuddles from those he trusts
  • Enjoys long country walks
  • Loves playing with his toys
  • Can be unsure of new people/environments 
  • I love to socialise with other dogs, but would need to live as an only pet
  • I want an adult only home
  • I need an experienced owner 
  • I guard my items from other animals and people

‘Dote on me Doug’ here! Initially quite a shy boy who has been treated with a heavy hand previously, resulting in me being unsure of new people and situations, sadly making me display fear aggression when I feel uncomfortable. I can’t say I am a fond fan of the Vet either and being a strong young boy so I do need a new owner who can walk me and continue with my basic training as well as meeting and greeting. I have met a few dogs here and do love them but I can be a little over the top with enthusiasm and I guard my items so will need to live as the only animal in my new home.

Lively, full of character and a bit of a loony tune I dream of a large secure garden to call my own where I can run around and play with my toys! I have started to let the staff interact when I am playing but this has taken a lot of time and a build up in confidence and trust. I do require a gradual build up by my new owner to ensure I am happy when being left and they must have the experience of owning a dog like me, having dealt with not only my breed and age but also my behaviours.

I want an adult only home without any visiting children due to my lack in confidence that makes me react when I feel uneasy and insecure and also someone who will respect that I guard my items such as toys, bed and food.



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