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We run an appointments system where interested parties are invited to meet a particular cat or dog where mutual compatibility has been agreed. Alternatively, visitors are welcome to look around on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 10am to 2pm to view dogs, and 11am to 2pm to view cats.

Blossoming Bella

Female - 12 year old - Jack Russell Terrier Cross Papillion

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About Bella

  • A lover of squeaky toys!
  • I act younger than my age!
  • I am very food and toy orientated.
  • Love relaxed cuddles once I trust you
  • Prefer the limelight all on me, so no other pets please!

‘Blossoming Bella’ here! I may be thinking of retirement but I’m not hanging up my paws just yet on those walks! I love being out and about and I am very spritely for my age. I do require on lead exercise when out as my prey drive is very high for an older lady and I will be off chasing those small furries!! Give me squeaky toys and I will entertain myself for hours!! Don’t worry once I feel bonded with you I do like interaction but this must be done at my own pace and I will tell you if you are going too fast!

A want to be lap dog who needs a new owner who accepts me for the quirky girl I am and understands that I am sensitive around my head area and what's mine, is mine! I am happy passing other dogs at a distance but do want to be the only pet in my new home due to my guarding behaviour and will require an adult only home without any visiting children.



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