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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we have changed the way we operate so you won't be able to look round the Centre to view our dogs as you would do under normal circumstances. If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs please fill in an "Interested Parties Form" or give the Centre a call.

Lacey Lou

Female - 7-8 month old - Bearded Collie Cross

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About Lacey

I am a bubbly, playful Bearded Collie X who is patiently waiting for my perfect match. Being only 7-8 months old, I still have so much to learn and am looking for someone with plenty of experience around my breed who can help guide me on my way. Sadly, I haven’t had the best of upbringings, and do need a lot of help learning how to remain calm in excitable situations. Like most collie’s, I am ball obsessed, and will happily play football with you for hours on end! It really is my favourite sport. I have also been told that I am quite the keen sniffer, and love to use my nose to seek out new and exciting things, particularly when out on a walk. I would absolutely love to find someone who would be interested in helping me shape this skill with the help of scent work classes, and maybe even agility and flyball classes once I am a little older! Either way, it is really important that I am kept entertained as I am a real busy bee, life is just way to exciting to spend all day in the home!

Above anything else, the thing I love most is spending quality time with my human friends, and I hate nothing more than when they have to leave me alone. I often get very confused and worried without them, and have been known to do everything I can to stop them leaving me alone. However, with the help of the team at LAA, I am really starting to learn that being alone for short periods isn’t as bad as I first thought, especially if I’m left with some tasty treats and my trusty football. I heard the team were super impressed with my progress recently, well what I can say! If I can find the right person to help me continue to thrive then who knows where life may take me next.

I do quite like other dogs, and may consider living with others that are just like me, but I have been known to get a little over-excited at times and the team keep telling me that not everyone is a match for my energy. Not that this phases me, as long as my humans are around to play with me that is all that really matters. I wouldn’t say no to a few doggy friends that I can have a play with down the park now and then, however. Kids sadly, just really aren’t my thing, and I really would prefer to live my life without the worry of tiny humans where possible.

Lacey will need an experienced owner, preferably with very good knowledge of Collie’s specifically. Lacey has been known to grab at arms and legs out of frustration and anxiety when being left alone, but we are seeing less and less of that behaviour with each day that passes. Lacey would need an owner patient and confident enough to continue her positive training within the home. Lacey may be able to live with another suitable dog, but this would be dependent on mixes here at the centre. Sadly Lacey cannot live with children and would not be suitable to be around visiting children.


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