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How the Community Pet Support Scheme helps

The Community Pet Support Scheme began as a way to keep pets with their owners but has grown into a life changing project for those involved. 

Animal care assistant with dog

The main benefits of the Community Pet Support Scheme

Animal health and wellbeing

The Scheme improves animal health and wellbeing through increasing exercise, grooming and access to veterinary care.

Building human friendships

Through regular visits from our Animal Care Assistants and invitations to twice yearly client events, the Scheme builds relationships through a shared love of pets.

Connecting to other support services

Clients have the opportunity to access further support through the Community Pet Support Scheme's Coordinator. 

“My dog is my lifeline, he has turned my life around and I don’t know what I would do without him. Because of the change to my financial situation I have been sick with worry about how I will continue to give him what he needs. I am so grateful to you and this scheme for offering to help me, when I saw your leaflet it was a light bulb moment because I relate so much to it. Having support and understanding is vital.”

“The Scheme has been invaluable to me, I have both physical and mental health issues, obviously it allows the dogs to get out and have a walk which I can’t do, that in itself, seeing them going out and enjoying themselves lifts my mental health and emotional spirit. It’s also someone coming in to see me and  I can actually have some one-to-one human interaction and sometimes it’s the only interaction I’ll have all week.”

“When they’re gone – my home will not be a home.  I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t got my dog and cats.  I haven’t got a family or a partner. They’re good for the soul and the mind.”

“It’s brilliant because she gets her exercise. She’s happy with me, just loves it, she can’t wait to see them. The support they give me personally has been brilliant because I’m nice and relaxed and they do everything. If I go to hospital, I’ve been three or four times, just one phone call, it’s sorted.”

“The CPSS has made a big difference to both mine and Dylan’s life. I was unable to take Dylan for a walk before as I am no longer able to walk far. Dylan would just be in the house or garden which meant he put on weight. It really upset me to know he wasn’t getting the exercise he needs. When I found out about the scheme and how they could help I was so pleased. Dylan is so much happier now and I know he is getting what he needs. Everyone in the CPSS team is lovely and caring. Thank you for your help.”

“The support and services you offer with daily tasks makes a difference to my situation right now and in addition, the knowledge of the back-up foster network should I need it in the future for a hospital stay is a huge weight off my mind, in fact, it gives me peace of mind. I can imagine this service being beneficial to a number of people, I hope it continues."