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Membership Terms and Conditions


Your Membership entitles you to vote at our Annual General Meeting. We will let you know when this is. If you have consented to us contacting you, we may do this from time to time to send you news. This includes your twice-yearly Members’ e-newsletter. If you have not consented to news, we will only contact you if we have a legitimate business reason (for example we need to tell you something about your Membership.) You can read more about our privacy policy here (link)

For Members paying by Direct Debit (from 2018 onwards)

1.      Your Membership start date is the date of your first payment.

2.      Membership payments are non-refundable.   

3.      You will be contacted yearly to thank you for your support and issued with a new Membership certificate and card.

4.      You can change the amount you give, the day that it is taken from your account, end your direct debit or pause your direct debit at any time by contacting the Centre. At your request, we can also send you a link to set up a ‘Control my Payment’ dashboard where you can do all this for yourself.

5.      The setting up of new Memberships, and changes to existing Memberships, can sometimes take up to 14 working days to process. That means if you tell us just before a payment is due that you wish to pay less (or more) the new amount may not be taken until the following month.

6.      We will ask you about your GDPR preferences and you can change your preferences at any time here. (link)

7.      If you would like to pay a different amount from the ones suggested, your Membership will be counted to the nearest (lower) level ie if you would like to pay £50 per year, this would count as a Bronze membership.   

For Members paying yearly/half-yearly/quarterly by cheque, over the telephone or Paypal  

1.      Membership payments are non-refundable.

2.      The start date of your Membership is the date you make your payment.

3.      You will be thanked yearly and invited to renew your Membership prior to the date of expiry.

4.      We will ask you about your GDPR preferences. You can update them at any time here.

5.      If you would like to change the level of your Membership, you can do this when your Membership is due for renewal. If you have already paid for the year/next 6 months and would like to upgrade your Membership before your renewal date, your current Membership will be closed and the amount remaining on your old Membership can be deducted from the price of your new Membership. If you would like to downgrade your Membership, you can make a lower payment at the time of renewal but money cannot be refunded during the Membership.

6.      If you would like to pay a different amount from the ones suggested, your Membership will be counted to the nearest (lowest) level ie if you would like to pay £50 per year, this would count as a Bronze Membership.   

For Gift Memberships

1.      The Membership will be set up in your friend/family members’ name, so you will need to give us their name and provide your details too so that we can record the payment correctly. If you do not wish to give your friend’s contact details, we can send the Membership pack to you to pass on.

2.      If you pay yearly, at the end of one year’s Membership, your friend/family member will be contacted to ascertain whether they wish to continue Membership and take up the payments themselves. If you do not wish for this to happen, or you wish to continue paying, please let us know.

3.      If you choose to pay by Direct Debit, your friend/family member will be sent a new certificate and card yearly but any correspondence about payment will be sent to you. When your friend becomes a Member, we will contact them to ask them about their GDPR preferences. This way we will know what they want/don’t want to receive. We will also do the same for you. The points covered above in ‘For Members Paying by Direct Debit,’ also apply.    

General Information 

LAA reserves the right to occasionally substitute Membership gifts from items advertised according to stock levels. A good, suitable alternative will always be provided. Occasionally, the Charity may hold offers on Memberships to attract more supporters.

Thank you for your Membership, it means the world to us.   

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