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Young supporters

We believe it's really important to get children interested in animal care and to teach them how to be safe around animals too. 

Huncote Hound Club

The Huncote Hound Club is for animal lovers aged 16 and under and members receive their own special newsletter four times a year.  Members are invited to attend activity mornings at the Centre and get up to all sorts of fun and usually end up getting dirty!  Activities have included baking (one of our favourite recipes is included in this section) planting trees from the Woodland Trust and painting a totem pole!  One of the highlights of the mornings is always a tour round the Centre and meeting one of the residents.

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Talks and Tours

We are happy to come along to give talks to children's groups including Guiding and Scouting, about the work of rescue centres and how to be safe around dogs. We can also arrange tours of the Centre too. 

K9Kidz Workshops

During the holidays we run a number of K9Kidz workshops.  These two-hour workshops are a fantastic way for youngsters to learn how to interact with dogs safely in a fun way.  They are ideal for those who love dogs and those who are unsure and want to gain more confidence.  The children gain practical hands-on experience of how to meet and greet a dog the safe way and what to do when encountering dogs out and about.