Rehome a pet feature

Rehome a pet

We think rehoming a dog or cat is a great way to find a new pet! Our aim is to find the right home for each and every one of the 500 or so dogs and cats who need our help each year.

Taking on a pet is a big commitment – a dog could live well into their teenage years and it is not usual for a cat to reach the grand old age of 20+! Food, regular veterinary care and insurance are just some of the financial considerations of pet ownership. You will also need to consider the commitment of time, exercise and training for some pets.

Our experienced animal care team will help to find you a great match for your home, and we are always on hand to offer advice and support once you have taken your new addition home. 

We are open every day from 10am - 2:30pm (cattery open from 11am) except Christmas Day. You can view the dogs around site on Thursdays to Tuesdays. Not all dogs are available for viewing as some are fearful of strangers or are still under assessment. 

Wednesdays are special at the Centre and are "Meet your Match" days where we bring dogs to reception who we think are the right match to meet you (and this gives a day of privacy for the less confident dogs). You can visit the cattery and the cattery shop as usual on Wednesdays.