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Sponsor Mel Hill's London Marathon run for LAA

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Friend of LAA and distance runner Mel Hill is taking part in the London Marathon this year and she is raising funds for the Centre along the way! As the big day looms, Mel is deep in training for the upcoming challenge. Her inspiring regime involves running some 25-30 miles each week, a schedule that was tested recently in the ultimate marathon dry-run, the Ashby 20. We’re happy to report that Mel passed the test with flying colours. The race is a formidable road event, famous amongst those who know for being 'organised by runners for runners'.

The London Marathon, which takes place on April 28th, will be Mel's first full marathon. Although she registered for last year's marathon, completing a full training programme (and fundraising impressively too!) she was forced to drop out at the very last minute following some very bad luck; an injury sustained the day before the run.

So why does Mel choose to put herself through such an arduous experience? She explains that running at any level is a fabulous feeling – it clears the mind, and there's nothing like the buzz of knowing you're 'in the zone'. In addition to the obvious health and therapeutic benefits, Mel thinks that it's great to find out just how far you can push your mind and body!

Pictured on this page with Mel is Ruby, a charming and bubbly seven-month old Staffordshire cross. We’re pleased to report that Ruby has found a home since this photograph was taken.

Mel is a long-time supporter of LAA and has always kept and cared for animals. Today she shares her home with Shadow (another staffy, aged seven years), as well as a tumble of five delightful and gorgeous felines.

Before we finished chatting, I asked Mel what advice she would give to any less athletic soul who might consider putting their best foot forward (just asking for a friend!) Mel strongly recommends finding and joining a local running club, and following a couch-to-5K programme which is a great way to build up strength and stamina. Many running clubs offer these programmes, and they can be a big help in keeping a new runner on track. (There are also some excellent couch-to-5K phone apps available, if you prefer.)

Every one of us at the Centre wishes Mel the very best of good weather, good running and good luck for the big day in April. You go girl! You can sponsor her run (funds to Leicester Animal Aid) at her GoFundMe page here  https://bit.ly/2HVGZfK

At LAA we’re lucky to have a growing number of sporty supporters who are raising funds, sometimes through blood, sweat and tears. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for news of other athletic endeavours and please support them if you can. If you are planning your own sporty fundraiser or want to be included in our Leicester Marathon team, please get in touch.