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Funding helps to improve visitor experience

Thanks to funding from Petplan Charitable Trust, visitors exploring our four and a half acre site will now have a more educational and enjoyable experience.

The founders of Petplan, an award winning pet insurance company, set up the Petplan Charitable Trust which aims to promote the health and welfare of the nation’s animals, and awards funding to a host of well deserving causes.

We welcome visitors to our Centre, which includes five purpose built kennel buildings, a cattery, training barn and relaxation and socialisation areas.

The money has enabled us to fit much-needed directional signs around the site so visitors get to see all of our facilities and ensures that they don’t miss any of our dogs and cats waiting for their new homes.

We have also been able to install five lectern style boards which will help visitors find out more about the work we do. The boards cover: arrival at the Centre and veterinary care; enrichment; animal welfare and legislation; training and the rehoming process.

We have located the boards in key locations, for example the ‘training’ information board is next to our training barn and explains why we put such a strong emphasis on training and what methods we use at the Centre. Visitors may be able to see training in action with dogs taking part in agility which builds their confidence, strengthens the bond between animal and human and helps to improve their physical condition.

If you’re a regular visitor to the Centre we hope that the signs and information boards add to your visit and if you’ve not been before we hope to welcome you soon.

Please do check our website for up-to-date opening times before you make your visit.