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Be alert this Halloween

Halloween Time

Halloween maybe all fun and games with plenty of ‘Trick or Treats’ but it can be a hazard for our pets. All those yummy sweets, dressing up and celebrations can cause severe discomfort especially for cats and dogs. The constant knocking at doors and voices outside can set any anxious dog into a state of barking or in the case of a nervous animal, sheer panic and shaking. Sometimes people see it as a chance to start firework season early and this again can ...set of a ray of emotions if an animal is sight or sound sensitive. Sweets and delights brought home by our children can either be a choking hazard or in cases poisonous, such as chocolate. Nobody wants an unexpected trip to the vets that could be life threatening-

  • Sweets- Contain the sweetener Xylitol which is very toxic and found in many mints, sweets and sugar free products. As little as a grain can kill a small sized dog! Like with people, sweets are full of sugar and can contribute to diabetes, obesity and rotting of the teeth.
  • Chocolate- Contains Theobromide which is very toxic and can affect the Heart, Central Nervous System and Kidneys. Dogs metabolise this slower than humans increasing the risk of tremors, diarrhoea, vomiting and hyperactivity. Even a small amount of chocolate can kill a dog.