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Change to our Centre opening hours

To give our staff and volunteers extra time to dedicate to our residents, there is now no puenrichmentblic viewing of dogs and cats on Wednesdays. 

You are still very welcome to visit Reception and discuss the type of dog or cat you are looking for and to show your interest in current residents, but you will not be able to view the dogs in their kennels or their cats in their pods on Wednesdays. 

You can also register your interest in a specific dog or cat, or to let us know you are interested in rehoming a dog or cat in general by completing an Interested Parties Form online.  

Arriving in rescue can be very stressful and we have found allowing our dogs and cats a day off from public viewing can help build their confidence and gives our staff and volunteer teams time to do extra enrichment activities with them, including training, agility, scent games, socialisation, pet sitting and more. You can find out about our enrichment activities here. 

Click here for full details on the Centre's opening hours.