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Love is in the air

We’ve got match-making down to a fine art and have successfully helped thousands of our residents find the love of their lives. We spend lots of time with our animals so really get to know them and can tell you about what they love, what they are unsure about and what they need more help with.

To help us in the re-homing process we like to find out as much as we can about you and your family so that we can match a dog or cat to your lifestyle. If you’re thinking of re-homing a dog or cat or have fallen in love with one featured on our website we ask you to fill in our ‘interested parties’ form.  This helps us to build up a picture of your lifestyle so that we can make a perfect match.  You may want a dog who’ll share your love of long hikes so if we know that we won’t put one forward we know that just enjoys a potter in the garden!

Once you’ve completed the form we’ll check if we have an animal at the Centre that may make the perfect pet or if you’re interested in a particular cat or dog we’ll check to see if it could be a match made in heaven. For cats, we’ll also look at how close you live to a busy road.

For dogs, once we think we’ve got ‘the one’ for you we’ll arrange for you and your family to meet the potential new member of your family, together with any dogs they will be living with. The number of visit depends on the individual dog and may also include home visits.

For cats, we now have two lovely new chill out rooms where you can get to know your new feline friend.

If all goes well, we’ll reserve your new companion for you and arrange for a date and time when your new addition can go home with you and start a new chapter in their life.

If you’re due to go on holiday, move home or are planning other major lifestyle changes then it may be best to wait offering a home as it will take a new cat or dog time to settle in.