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Jump for Fern and Sophie

Super-cute Fern and adorable Sophie are just two examples of how the Medical Foster Scheme helps to find homes for animals that may be overlooked due to medical conditions.

Yorkshire terrier, Fern is an incredible 14-years- young and is now spending her twilight years in her medical foster home whilst receiving treatment for her condition which includes high blood pressure.  The lovely, seven-year-old Sophie, who has medication for kidney disease, waited patiently in the Centre for over six-months until her perfect match came along.

It can be incredibly difficult to find dogs and cats like Fern and Sophie homes as potential new owners may be concerned about their condition and be put-off by the expense of an on-going medical treatment.  The Scheme, which commits to paying the veterinary treatment related to the animal’s condition, costs thousands of pounds each year to run. In 2017 alone the bill was £7,000.  By taking the plunge you could help raise much-needed funds for the Scheme.

Last year, Holly who is a kennel ‘mum’ here at the Centre, was one of our high-flying-fundraisers. She said: “It was the scariest but best thing I’ve ever done.  It was amazing and I think everyone should do it!”

Find out how you can be one of our high-fliers here

Fern Sophie Holly skydive