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Huncote Hound club sprinkles Christmas magic

Members of the Huncote Hound Club got to spread a little Christmas magic around the Centre at their activity morning on Saturday (December 9).

First of all they got creative in the kitchen making chocolate crispie cakes as a treat for the staff and then made delicious doggie muffins with some yummy ingredients including peanut butter and carrots!

There was lots of sparkle as the children got crafty making paper plate angels and a lovely Christmas montage to brighten up the Centre.

Everyone was excited to meet our special guest, 14-year-old Fern, a Yorkshire Terrier, who took time out from her very important role as official ‘office dog’ to say hello.

Next up was a tour around the Centre to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to our residents, everyone then got to make a card for one (or two!) of the dogs they had seen.

To finish off the session we couldn’t resist playing the chocolate game – each player rolling the dice and aiming for a six to get the chance to don hat, gloves and scarf and try and eat some chocolate with a knife and fork!.

The Huncote Hound Club is for animal lovers aged 16 and under and is just £8 a year. To find out more go to