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Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special

Leicester Animal Aid is taking part in “Animal rescue Live: Supervet Special”, a new Channel 4 programme presented by Professor Noel Fitzpatrick (The Supervet), Steve Jones and Kate Quilton along with celebrity guests.

Britain is home to more than 16 million pet dogs and cats, but every year 250,000 domestic animals find themselves abandoned to the care of rescue centres. In 2016 alone, Leicester Animal Aid provided rescue for 204 dogs, including care for 120 strays and the Centre was able to provide care for 157 cats, including 3 born on site and 4 abandoned at the Centre gates.

The show, which will air live from 8pm to 9pm from Monday 7th August to Friday 11th August, aims to highlight the increase of unwanted, relinquished and stray pets coming through rescue centre doors and help to find homes for displaced dogs and cats as well as help to dismantle the stigma associated with rescue animals and encourage would be owners to consider them first over buying a young pet.

Broadcasting live from Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter, the show hopes to rehome all of the animals within Newcastle’s centre during the week, as well as working with local rescue centres across the country, encouraging those looking to adopt an animal to go to their local rehoming Centre, including Leicester Animal Aid.

The show will feature some of Leicester Animal Aid’s longer stay residents, and those interested in rehoming any of the animals featured will be directed to the show’s website, but there are also many other dogs, cats and kittens waiting at Leicester Animal Aid’s Centre for their forever homes.

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick said: “Through raising awareness of the fun, love and hope that rehoming an animal can bring to families everywhere, I genuinely think that we speak a language of joy and compassion and I think this is a fantastic message to put out into the world right now.

In many ways, we are trying to bring hope to a creature that has been abandoned, without hope;  and bring hope into the lives of human beings in a family that, actually, until that animal is among them, don’t realise how much hope that animal can bring them.

To a very large extent, it’s a mini-metaphor for what we ought to be doing in society, and that is bringing love and hope, as opposed to hatred or greed or badness.

For me, the premise of the show is about how I can bring love in the shape of a bundle of joy of an animal into a family.”

Keely Short, General Manager of Leicester Animal Aid said: “We are very pleased to be involved with the programme and that Professor Noel Fitzpatrick has chosen to champion rescue animals, the relationship between humans and animals and how we can help each other. 

Every day we experience the joy that rescue dogs and cats can bring from all sorts of personalities, sizes and breeds here at the Centre. We have such a dedicated team who, with their love, time and patience help to show sometimes scared and shy animals the kindness humans can give. It’s wonderful when we receive updates from their adoring families about how happy, confident and relaxed previous residents are settled in their new homes.

We act as a rescue for those in need, as well as “dating agency” for our residents, helping them to find loving and caring compatible human companions who they will be happy spending the rest of their lives with”.  

Leicester Animal Aid is open from 10am to 2:30pm every day except Christmas Day (cattery from 11am). Wednesdays are special with “Meet your Match” Wednesdays with a chance to meet potential matches in a relaxed environment.

The Centre is hosting a chance to meet some of their residents with tea and cake, and have a behind the scenes tour at their free “Who Let the Dogs Out” event on Saturday 12th August from 10am to 12:00pm – pre-booking is recommended.

You can also view dogs and cats looking for new homes on our website or visit the Centre to meet your new loving companion.

Catch “Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special “from 8pm-9pm every day live from Newcastle Dog and Cats Shelter on Channel 4. 

Read interviews with Noel and Steve about the show here: