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Choose your Round and Hound section

The Leicestershire Round and Hound has eleven enjoyable sections cover the 100 mile Leicestershire Round. 

It's up to you how you choose to walk the route - you may pick one of our suggested eleven sections below, split it up into shorter walks, or perhaps you want to try to complete the whole route!

The best way to get to know the Leicestershire Round is to buy the book from the experts - the Leicestershire Footpath Association. The new Leicestershire Round book can be bought in local bookshops, from LFA directly or you can get it online here. 

You can walk it yourself, with a friend or perhaps you want to join a walking group, such as the Leicestershire Footpath Association.


Gates: Usually small kissing gates and farm gates that need to be opened

Normal stile: Has gaps between wooden fence rails, allowing smaller/medium dogs to pass through

Dog friendly stile: Has provision for passage for dogs (e.g. a lifting gate or wedge shaped profile)

Non dog friendly stile: Dogs would need lifting over (e.g. due to wire mesh blocking off small gaps in fencing)

  Sections with 0 non dog friendly stiles

You can find out more about each section in the Leicestershire Round book by the Leicestershire Foothpath Association.


Leicestershire Round Map

1. Newtown Linford to Mountsorrel (The Charnwood Section)  

8.5 miles, approx 4 hours

  • A gentle start through Bradgate Park with stunning deer, ancient gnarled oak trees and the ruins of  Bradgate House which was home to Lady Jane Grey
  • Admire the thatched and slate roofs of Newtown Linford houses
  • Climb to the famous "Old John" folly and explore the high ground of the park, including rocky outcrops and woodland
  • Walk past the lovely Swithland reservoir with a gradual climb to Mountsorrel
  • Start Point: Newtown Linford carpark at Bradgate Park (£4 parking all day). 
  • End Point: Butter cross, Mountsorrel (Market Place/Watling Street). On street parking.
  • Gates: 14, Standard Stiles: 3, Dog-Friendly stiles: 0, Non-Dog Friendly Stiles: 0

2. Mountsorrel to Frisby (The Soar Valley/Wreake Valley Section)  

10.5 miles, approx 5 hours

  • Walk from the Soar over highland and down to the Wreake, its tributary
  • The route passes through Rearsby, Hoby, Rotherby and Frisby all ending in -by are villages established or taken over by the Danes in Anglo-Saxon Times in the 9th Century
  • See beautiful village churches and medieval sites and architecture 
  • Pass Sileby Mill boatyard, a picturesque scene of canal life
  • Gates: 55, normal stiles: 7, dog friendly stiles: 2, non dog friendly stiles: 0
  • Start point: Butter cross, Mountsorrel (Market Place/Watling Street). On street parking. 
  • End point: Bell Inn, Frisby, LE14 2NJ. Parking at Frisby Village Hall. 
  • Midpoint: 7 arch footbridge in Rearsby

3. Frisby to Somerby (The Burrough Hill Section) 

11.5 miles, approx 5.5 hours

  • A fairly strenuous section rewarded by spectacular views over the Leicestershire countryside  at the Iron Age hill fort
  • From the Wreake valley, this section goes up and over the gently rolling hills to Gaddesby brook and then up to the high ground of Burrough Hill
  • Following a steep descent, enjoy gentle woodland tracks before bracing your legs for the climb to the rim of the Punch Bowl
  • Cross farmland to reach the beautiful ironstone village of Somerby, set in lovely parkland with horse pastures
  • Gates: 50, Normal stiles: 11, dog friendly Stiles: 1, non dog friendly stiles: 1
  • Start Point: Bell Inn, Frisby, LE14 2NJ. 
  • End point: Somerby Memorial Hall, LE14 2PZ. 
  • Midpoint: Thorpe Satchville

4. Somerby to Hallaton (The Rutland Border Section)  

13.5 miles, approx 6.5 hours

  • Potentially a muddy route through woodland and stream valleys, so get your wellies ready!
  • Passes close to the site of 12th Century Owston Priory 
  • Cross the border into Rutland on land that was part of the Royal Forest established in 12th Century by Henry I, later released and renamed as Leighfield Forest
  • See the large and impressive Launde Abbey, a Tudor house in the quiet and secluded valley of the little river Chater. The house was built for Thomas Cromwell on the site of the wealthy prior during the Dissolution of the Monasteries
  • Finish your walk in Hallaton, one of Leicestershire's prettiest villages, famous for it's Norman Motte and Bailey Castle site, its fine church and market cross. 
  • Gates: 28, normal stile: 7, dog friendly stile: 0, non dog Friendly stile: 0
  • Start point: Somerby Memorial Hall, LE14 2PZ.
  • End point: Fox Inn, Halalton, LE16 8UJ.
  • Midpoint: Launde Abbey

5. Hallaton to Foxton (The Langtons Section)

10.5 miles, approx 5 hours

  • The route passes beside a willow lined stream to Stonton Wyville and over the Langton Caudle hill with good views of the five pretty villages that form the Langtons
  • The church at Thorpe Langton includes ancient tombs and a list of rectors from 1220
  • Wide views across the Welland valley
  • Finishing at the Foxton Locks with its colourful narrowboats and famous flight of 10 locks
  • Gates: 49, normal stiles: 6, dog friendly stiles: 0, non dog friendly stiles: 4
  • Start point: St Michaels & All Angels Church (Church Gate/Laughton Road/East Gate)
  • End point: Foxton Village Hall, Middle Street, LE16 7RE. Parking at village hall. 
  • Midpoint: Thorpe Langton

6. Foxton to Bruntingthorpe (Canal Country Section)

9 miles, approx 4 hours

  • After leaving the canal, this route heads uphill towards the pretty village of Gumley
  • Pleasant countryside for walking with beautiful views over hilly, landscaped, pasture country 
  • From Saddington, the route continues over flat high farmland to Shearsby with its church on a high mound surrounded by pretty houses
  • Gates: 38, Normal stiles: 13, Dog friendly stiles: 1, Non dog friendly stiles: 2
  • Start point: Foxton Village Hall, Middle Street, LE16 7RE. Parking at village hall.
  • End point: Bruntingthorpe Village Hall, LE17 5QF. 
  • Mid point: Saddington Village

7. Bruntingthorpe to Frolesworth (The Peatlings Section)

9.5 miles, approx 4.5 hours

  • Starts with a gentle stretch along a stream passing by Arnesby windmill to Peatling Magna, which is thought to have been a Roman settlement
  • Walking along to Willoughby Waterleys with its Norman church, blue brick Old Hall dating back to 1600 and impressive Manor Farm
  • Finishing in Frolesworth with its church featuring 15th and 16th Century figures
  • A fairly flat walk through arable country
  • Gates: 37, normal stiles: 19, dog friendly stiles: 0, non dog friendly stiles: 2
  • Start point: Corner of Main Street at church walk, Bruntingthorpe
  • End point: Frolesworth Business Park, LE17 5EE
  • Mid point: Dunton Bassett Post Office

8. Frolesworth to Barwell (The Roman High Cross Section)

15 miles, approx 7.5 hours

  • Includes a gentle 3 mile stretch along the Roman Fosse Way
  • A pretty route with fine views across up and over the pastures 
  • Claybrooke Parva has a large and impressive church with a particularly high, wide and light chancel, built 100 years after the rest of the church in 1340. 
  • Includes the High Cross, the centre of England, at the junction of two important Roman roads, the Fosse Way and Watling Street (now the A5).
  • Finishing at Burbage Common
  • This is our longest section with an opportunity to stop or leave at the halfway point of Sharnford. 
  • Gates: 30, Normal stiles: 30, dog friendly stiles: 0, non dog friendly stiles: 5
  • Start point: Frolesworth Business Park, LE17 5EE
  • End point: Moat Way, Barwell, LE9 8EY
  • Midpoint: Sharnford

9. Barwell to Shackerstone (The Bosworth Field Section)  

11 miles, approx 5 hours

  • Starting at Burbage Common and the walk includes a mix of easy farmland with some canal side walking
  • Includes the historic Bosworth Battlefield, famous for the last significant battle in the War of the Roses, where Henry VII won the throne, defeating King Richard III
  • See the beautiful flowers of historic Sutton Cheney and the church where Richard III came to pray before his final battle 
  • The route continues through Market Bosworth to beautiful, slightly hilly ground to Shackerstone with its restored Victorian railway and canal
  • Gates: 37, normal stiles: 2, dog friendly stiles: 9, non dog friendly stiles: 0
  • Start point: Moat Way, Barwell, 
  • End point: Church Road, Shackerstone, CV13 6NN
  • Midpoint: Sutton Cheney

10. Shackerstone to Thornton (The West Charnwood Section) 

7.5 miles, approx 3.5 hours

  • A slightly hilly route across mainly farmland
  • Includes Nailstone's 13th Century church with its impressive tower that is visible for miles. Nailstone is also thought to be the most southern point that Bonnie Prince Charlie (Prince Charles Stuart) rode with his Jacobite Army.  
  • Finishing at the Victorian Thornton reservoir 
  • Gates: 10, normal stiles: 10, dog friendly stiles: 1, non dog friendly stiles: 0
  • Start point: Turn Bridge no 52, Ashby Canal
  • End point: Thornton Community Centre, 175 Main Street, Thornton, LE67 1AH
  • Midpoint: Nailstone

11. Thornton to Newtown Linford (The Approach to Charnwood Section) 

5 miles, approx 2.5 hours

  • Our shortest section, but as you head towards Charnwood, the hills start to get steeper again, but you will be rewarded by beautiful views
  • A mix of hills, roads and farmland passing through Markfield
  • Finishes in the stunning Bradgate Park with stunning deer, visitor centre and coffee shop
  • Gates: 25, normal stiles: 4, dog friendly stiles: 1, non dog friendly stiles: 0
  • Start point: Thornton Community Centre, 175 Main Street, Thornton, LE67 1AH
  • End point: Newtown Linford Carpark at Bradgate Park (£4 parking all day).