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Leicestershire Round and Hound Safety Information

To make sure you stay safe on your Leicestershire Round and Hound walk, please have a read through our safety information. 

1. Ensure that you and your party always keep to the Leicestershire Round footpath.

2. Always follow the Countryside Code . Click here for the Countryside Code.

3. Keep your dog under control at all times and on a lead when around livestock (click here for the law on controlling your dog in public).  Please pick up after your dog. Please make sure you know the signs of heatstroke and provide your dog with plenty of water. 

4. Be very careful around livestock, particularly when you have a dog with you. Stop, look and listen on entering a field and look out for animals. Watch how they are behaving and keep an eye out for bulls and calves. Try to avoid getting between cows and their calves. Be prepared for cattle to react and move quickly, quietly and if possible, walk around the herd. Keep your dog on a lead, but if cows are chasing you, the advice is to let your dog go so it can find it's way to safety. Please do not put yourself at risk, find another way around the cattle if necessary and rejoin the footpath. Do not panic or run, most cattle will stop before they reach you. 

5. Always ensure that you are dressed suitably for your walk, i.e. clothing and footwear, particularly in relation to the weather conditions.

6. Ensure that you and your party (including your dog) are walking within your own physical capabilities, with which you are all happy and comfortable, the walk is after all for your enjoyment!

7. Take extra care when crossing a public road on your walk and ensure that you are always dressed and clearly visible to traffic.

8. Always ensure that you have suitable refreshments with you on your walk, such as water and a snack and something to carry it in, such as a rucksack. It may also be a good idea to take some first aid items, such as a few plasters, medical wipes etc. It is helpful to have local vets numbers with you just in case. 

9. Take your mobile phone with you so people can reach you in an emergency.  In an emergency, please call 999. The OS Locate App can be very helpful for you to give you location. 

10. Ensure you park your car safely and considerately at the start of your walk and work out how you and your party will return from the end of your walk. It may be best to park a second vehicle at the end of the walk before you start so you can get home quickly.

Further Information:

The Countryside Code 

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