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Oscar Wilde

Male - 6 year old - Jack Russell Terrier Cross

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About Oscar

Hey! ‘Oscar Wilde’ here, a witty and flamboyant character who has impeccable conversational skills to call that pass me. I am seeking my very own Dorian Gray who I can love and cherish and recite my poetry to. You pick up a lot form being in a Kennel, play area and out and about. I get to see and over hear a lot of from the other dogs which I have jotted down; a proper little Journalist.

A warm heart and kind soul who loves travelling and seeing the sights so lets get out and about on those adventures! Play time with my ball is the best but keep that to a secure garden as being a Terrier I switch off my ears. Adult interaction is what I’m seeking and without any other pets so I can live a life of riley and be spoilt rotten!




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