Rehome a dog

Saint John Bosco

Male - 10-11 year old - Labrador Cross

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About Bosco

‘Saint John Bosco’ here, I believe in teaching with love, ‘Salesian Preventive System’ so I will always be there for guidance and as a loyal companion. A very caring and playful boy for my age who believes in helping the less fortunate, hence why I am here at the Centre (classed as a stray) but really I am here to give support to all the animals whilst they are looking for their new home and soul mate.

Now I enjoy short potters so I can grace the site with my presence and over see my followers. A very clever and wise soul who enjoys being the only pet and within adult company.


Interested parties form

If you are interested in giving one of our dogs a home, please give us a call on 01455 888257 or complete an interested parties form. Alternatively you can come and visit the Centre, please view our Centre opening hours page for further details.

We ask any potential owners to complete an Interested Parties Form. You can do this at the Centre or download it and email it back to us