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Male - 2 years old - Domestic Short Hair

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About Buddy

Little Buddy is an adorable 2 year old black DSH who is sadly looking for a new home as the children in his current home have grown very allergic to him. His current owner also feels that Buddy would prefer a quieter home without any children as he is very unsettled around the children in his current home. Buddy was initially adopted from us here at LAA in January 2018, but as Buddy can struggle with a change in environment and is quite a nervous cat in general, his current owner and LAA have decided that it may be best for Buddy to be homed directly from his current home, to prevent him having to spend time back in the cattery.

Although Buddy is a very loyal cat who will often follow his main carer around, he is quite a nervous cat who can be very unnerved by new people and situations.
He doesn’t tend to interact with visitors to the home as they spook him, and he sadly tends to hide for the entire time they visit and sometimes will spend the night outside if a visitor stops overnight.  Therefore, Buddy will need a very quiet home, with owners who have a lot of patience and are willing to help Buddy grow in confidence, but equally accept him for the cat that he is.

Buddy is also often scared of young children, especially if they are playing loudly nearby and he tends to stay out of their way by hiding around the home or taking himself out of the house. Therefore, Buddy will need an adult only home with very few, if any, visiting children.

Buddy has never shown any other undesirable behaviours in his current home, he has never been destructive or aggressive and has always used his litter trays when necessary. As he can be quite nervous around new people and in new situations, the use of feliway and/or pet remedy in the home may help him feel a bit more at ease. It is also important that new owners understand that Buddy simply needs patience, love and support in a quiet, stable environment in order to truly feel secure.

Buddy does enjoy having access to the outside world, and would ideally need a cat flap in his new home so that he can make the choice for himself when he wants to come and go. Having this level of choice and control over his environment, after the initial settling in period, will also help Buddy to feel more secure in his new home.

Buddy loves head rubs and chin scratches but isn’t too keen on being fussed elsewhere on his body. He doesn’t particularly like his belly or back being touched too much but will stretch out next to his owner and cuddle up close to her when he feels relaxed. He loves to pad you and be near you when he is having down time, even nudging you for more head rubs if you dare to stop giving him a fuss!

Buddy does not like being picked up and prefers all of his feet to be on solid ground at all times. Although he isn’t keen on going into a cat carrier, this can be worked on in the home with the help and advice from one of the cattery team here at LAA. He will need lots of toys and scratch posts in his new home as he loves to play. Using play as a way of creating a bond with Buddy would be great when settling him in to a new home. 

Buddy is a very healthy cat who hasn’t had any health issues since being in his new home. He eats Felix pouches in jelly and Iams dry cat food and this has always agreed with him. Wet food is his favourite but Buddy will need access to dry food in his new home as well in order to help keep his teeth in tip top condition. He responds very well to food treats, especially dreamies, and these too can be used in his new home to gain his trust.

If you would like to inquire about Buddy or want to know how the re-homing process will work for him, then please feel free to ask a member of the cattery team by popping into the centre, or by giving us a call on 01455 888 257. Additionally, if you wanted to express an interest in adopting Buddy then you can fill out an interested parties form online or at the centre in person.


Cat Care

Until a cat is settled into a new home it is essential that they are not let outside and as a general guide this would be about four weeks. However, this is dependent on the individual cat.
Whilst a cat is confined to indoors you can introduce new toys for them to play with and chase. Cat nip toys can be especially rewarding. A scratch post will hopefully discourage them from choosing your sofa to sharpen their claws! Regular grooming by you will help to cement the bond between cat and new owner and although cats are known to generally be more independent than a dog, they thrive on companionship and interactive play. Even adult cats can be persuaded to practice their stalking and pouncing skills on an old shoelace, or play hide and seek in a cardboard box!

Interested parties form

If you are interested in giving one of our cats a home, please give us a call on 01455 888257 or complete an interested parties form. Alternatively you can come and visit the Centre, please view our Centre opening hours page for further details.

We ask any potential owners to complete an Interested Parties Form. You can do this at the Centre or download it and email it back to us