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Female - 7 year old - Domestic Long Hair

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About Ebony

Beautiful Ebony sadly came to LAA because her owner could no longer provide the care she needs. Having lived as an indoor-only cat before coming to the centre, everything here is exceptionally daunting for Ebony at the moment, and it is taking her a little while to feel comfortable. She is a really sweet, sensitive girl, who does enjoy a fuss once she is settled and craves nothing more than a quiet home with a patient, loving owner who can help to gradually build her confidence. Therefore we would ideally be looking for an experienced cat owner without any other pets or children in the home so that she can make her new environment her own.

Cat Care

Until a cat is settled into a new home it is essential that they are not let outside and as a general guide this would be about four weeks. However, this is dependent on the individual cat.
Whilst a cat is confined to indoors you can introduce new toys for them to play with and chase. Cat nip toys can be especially rewarding. A scratch post will hopefully discourage them from choosing your sofa to sharpen their claws! Regular grooming by you will help to cement the bond between cat and new owner and although cats are known to generally be more independent than a dog, they thrive on companionship and interactive play. Even adult cats can be persuaded to practice their stalking and pouncing skills on an old shoelace, or play hide and seek in a cardboard box!

Interested parties form

If you are interested in giving one of our cats a home, please give us a call on 01455 888257 or complete an interested parties form. Alternatively you can come and visit the Centre, please view our Centre opening hours page for further details.

We ask any potential owners to complete an Interested Parties Form. You can do this at the Centre or download it and email it back to us